What Does Waiver Services Provide?

  • Home and Community Based Waiver Case Management:will be provided for all consumers requesting this service, to include both children and adults.  This service will assist Waiver eligible recipient’s has access to needed medical, social, educational, and or, other needed services.  Waiver Case Management will include assessment, service planning, service coordination, service monitoring, and service plan updating.  Case Management will be available to consumers 365 days a year as needed.  Waiver Case Management will be provided by a licensed and trained Case Manager certified by Developmental Disabilities Services of Arkansas.  The overall responsibility for this service is the Executive Director of Advantages.  Administration of this component is located at Monticello, Arkansas.
  • Alternative Community Waiver Services: Alternative Community Services are offered by Advantages for developmentally disabled children and adults who have been determined to be eligible through the Arkansas Medicaid Waiver Plan.  The component provides services and supports to maintain these individuals in the home and community of their choice.  Places of operation are community based in individual homes, local businesses, and any and all generic services available in the community.  The Agency provides Medicaid Waiver services in the following counties: Arkansas, Monroe, Ashley, Bradley, Calhoun, Chicot, Cleveland, Dallas, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson, Lincoln, Phillips, and Union.  Central operation for this component is Drew County Developmental Disabilities, Monticello, Arkansas.  The calendar of operations is 365 days a year with 24 hour service per day available.  The time, place, and type of service is dependent on the Individual Service Plan of each individual.  The Individual Service Plan is developed and monitored by a team consisting of the individual, his parent or guardian as appropriate, an Independent Case Manager, the Agency Waiver Coordinator and other requested parties.  Services include Residential Habilitation, Adaptive Equipment, and Consultation.  The persons responsible for this component are the Executive Director and Agency Waiver Specialist(s) assigned to the waiver case.
  • Supported Living:  One service provided under Medicaid Wavier programs.  It allows a consumer to live independently within their community with  a companion or supported living staff
  • Family Support:  Family/Individual Support is a cash subsidy program to provide support to individuals with a developmental disability who require support in more than one major life activity in order to participate in an integrated community setting and to enjoy a quality of life that is available to persons without a developmental disability.  Support may be provided for life activities such as mobility, communication, self-care, recreation, and learning as necessary for independent living, employment, and self-sufficiency.  Funding of up to $5,000 annually per family/individual for services and/or goods may be provided to each eligible family/individual dependent upon availability of Agency funds for this service.  The Agency may set funding limitations as deemed necessary.  Funding will be supplemental to all other services and specific programs such as education or related services for school age children, State, Title XX, and Medicaid services including dependent/Targeted Case Management, personal care, or waiver services.  All goods or services provided will be reflected in an Individual Family Service Plan/Individual Service Plan that is developed by a certified case manager/DDS Service Coordinator.  Family Support is for persons age 18 or younger.  Individual Support is for persons over 18.  All purchases of adaptive equipment will be handled under Adaptive Equipment.  Family Support Services are based on what the family decides they need and is family centered.  Supports and services are directed and implemented based on family/individual needs and can be changed as family/individual needs change.  All plans must have prior approval by the Executive Director.  The central location for this service is Advantages, Monticello, Arkansas.  Person responsible for this service is the Executive Director.