Neal Doherty : Center Director

Neal Doherty

Center Director

168 West College Street Monticello, AR 71655 Phone: (870) 367-8475 Fax: (870) 460-9991

Adult Development – DDTCS Center-based: The adult development center serves individuals 18-21 years of age who have received either their high school diploma or GED, or, individuals over the age of 21 until death or withdrawal from the services. Each individual must have been determined to have a developmental disability with the onset prior to age 21. Adults attending the adult development center must be able to manage their own toileting skills, including bowel and bladder control with direction. Adults must be able to feed themselves with directions and cannot be tube-fed or medically fragile. Time of operation is 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and is five days a week except for holidays, Christmas break and Spring Break. Breakfast and lunch will be provided each service day. The component offers Habilitation in the areas of Personal Management, Social Development, Household Management, Community and Home Activities, Job Readiness and may include therapies if prescribed by the PCP and included in the INDIVIDUAL HABILITATION PLAN. Each individual is assessed with a criterion referenced developmental assessment and has an Individual Habilitation Plan according to his or her needs. The needs of each individual are determined by a team that may consist of the individual, the individual’s family or guardian, adult development staff and any other persons having pertinent information invited by the consumer of the Agency. Transportation is available if requested and stated in the Plan of Care. Persons responsible for the Adult Development program are the Executive Director, Program Administrator and the Lead Instructor. Required ratios are 1:10.